Fundraising Ideas

All the proceeds for our weekend are being raised by our Pink Lotus Yoga Foundation for our lovely charities!  Our goal for this year is £10,800 for the whole weekend 😀

We’d love everyone who takes part on Sunday 22 September to feel they can contribute by raising money – we have a suggested target of only £108 – to match the number of Sun Salutations!

You can download a sponsor form here:

SUN SALUTATIONS 2019 sponsor form

OR you could crowdfund by using the Just Giving website

OR here are some other ideas!

  • Film some funny clips of your practicing and post them on social media
  • Have a movie night
  • Organise a dinner
  • Host a coffee morning
  • Have a vegetarian BBQ or garden party (in the five minute of Aberdeen sun!)
  • Organise a bake sale
  • Have a bingo night
  • Make Friday a Yoga Outfit Dress Down Day in your office
  • Pass empty smartie tubes out and ask family and friends to fill them with coins
  • Give up on a vice – like ice-cream or caffeine
  • Hold a karaoke evening – or a karaoke Kirtan!