Adriana Uribe

YoUniverse: Reconnecting Body and Sky – Saturday 29 September 1000-1130hrs

Yoga and astrology are methods developed by ancient cultures to acknowledge that we are connected with something much bigger than ourselves and that our path in life should be synchronised with everything surrounding us.  I invite you to explore how we can become aware of the elements composing everything in the universe, including us, and how these manifest through our day to day experiences. With the help of your natal chart and yoga ãsanas we can work to bring element balance and how we can use them correctly to expand our energy.

*In order to take better advantage of this class, please note that you will need to provide your date, time and place of birth.  With these details I will prepare your birth chart and send the graph to your mailbox.  You can then print the chart and bring it to the class with you.*

About Adriana

One of my first memories of yoga is when my Dad tried to take a picture of me sitting in lotus pose whilst I tried not to burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Yoga is a fun life journey which in my case started very early and gives me the chance to join all kinds of adventures.  Now, as a qualified yoga teacher, I would love to share the results of this part of my journey.