Adriana Uribe

Astrology and Yoga – Saturday 29 September 1000-1130hrs

The more we understand our inner world, the more we can see how it reflects in the outer world.  This session will help us to remember that although we may be minimal particles in this vast creation, we possess the power to shape our own reality.

Explore how astrology and yoga work together connecting different dimensions of your personal experience.  You will learn how the four elements of nature (fire, earth, air and water) are interpreted in astrology and manifest in your personal experiences, potentials and preferences.  Through yoga, we can then connect these four elements to balance within body and mind while bringing awareness of higher levels of experience that are present in our daily lives.

*In order to take better advantage of this class, please note that you will need to provide your date, time and place of birth.  With these details I will prepare your birth chart and send the graph to your mailbox.  You can then print the chart and bring it to the class with you.*

About Adriana

Although my yoga teacher certification is more recent that my astrological training, I consider both to be at the core of who I am.  I have been very fortunate to meet great teachers and access incredible wisdom through my life journey, understanding that there are many different languages to arrive to the same certainties and voice the same truths.  I place intuition above intellectual knowledge when it comes to individual journeys and I encourage my clients and students to search their own connection with the universe to find the answers they are looking for.  I see myself simply as a facilitator in individual journeys that will eventually take us to the same place.