Elaine Thompson

The Spine – Saturday 23 September 1345-1445hrs

“You’re Only As Young As The Spine Is Flexible”

The spine is one of the first bodily structures to form in the womb and is the remarkable “core” of our body but can often be a source of discomfort or maybe pain.

In this class we’ll look at understanding how the spine moves, its relation to energetic flow through sushumna nadi and work with a series of postures to fold, bend, lengthen and twist the spine, to help bring a feeling of rejuvenation.

About Elaine

I went to my first yoga class more than 13 years ago and it felt like coming home. I’ve been fortunate over the years since to have studied in classes and workshops with inspiring teachers of different styles of yoga and fellow students, eventually training as a teacher and then as a pregnancy, post natal and fertility yoga teacher.  I feel so blessed and honoured to be able to encourage others on their yoga journey whilst continuing my own study.


You can find out more about Elaine here http://www.elainethompsonyoga.co.uk/