Fiona Slupinski Webster

Practical Anatomy for Yoga – Saturday 23 September 1145-1315hrs

This class is an introduction on how current research in anatomy ties in with traditional Yoga practice from thousands of years ago.

Exploring how fascia, our connective tissue, relates to asana, pranayama, chakras, koshas and bandhas, leading to more awareness and deeper yoga practice.

Fiona Slupinski Webster

I am a manual and movement therapist with 20 years experience.  My anatomy studies combined with the manual and movement therapy in the clinic has been an exciting discovery and I believe that Yoga is a very integral part of anyone’s rehabilitation as well as a great accompaniment to any sport as well as a full practice on its own.

I believe it’s a great advantage to have knowledge of anatomy in movement.   Whilst it’s important to know various musculature and connective tissue groups, going into microscopic detail of textbook anatomy and physiology is interesting but the benefits of feeling that knowledge experientially as we do in Yoga is invaluable.

Through incredible new research in the last several years, we are finding out a little bit more about the benefit of Yoga practice and how relevant the body movements in Asana are today.