Martin Julich

Yin Yoga and Dissolving of Opposites – Saturday 23 September 1000-1130hrs

The class – Yin Yoga is a very slow form of Yoga, where the main focus is to explore staying in postures for between 1-5 minutes (in London up to 20minutes, I hear!!), thus stimulating the connective tissue into release and better blood supply. That is part for the physical side.  Mentally-emotionally the impact of this, like with other forms of Yoga, is to create pathways to inner stability and freedom, where the mind can become more the witness of life that it also is rather than having to figure it all out, always…the invitation is to hand over to the intelligence of the human body, with its own evolutionary intelligence AND to trust in the goodness of Life.

During this class I will include concepts of my Open Floor Dance Training, where we work with polarities like from ‘fixed to fluid’ or ‘towards and away’, which can be seen in the context of Yoga Nidra, the exploration of dissolving opposites.

PS: why might it be important to explore dissolving opposites! One quick answer is: so that we do not get stuck in right and wrong stories, which seems to be quite important during this time in history!!

About Martin:
I have been involved with Body work for all my adult life, over 33 years now, with Yoga, Shiatsu and Expressive Dance.  I run the Love Yoga Studio together with my dear friend and fellow Yoga Teacher Rebecca Murray and with my partner Laura Davison I co-direct the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies (est 1997), as well teaching Shiatsu with Aberdeen School of Shiatsu and working at CLAN.
Currently I have moved my approach to dance work from 5 Rhythms to Open Floor Dance, class.
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