Pam Harris and Allan Mollins

From the Moon to the Sun – Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls – Sat 21 Sept – 1500-1630hrs

Yoga is a vast philosophy offering incredibly versatile tools that facilitate the exploration of the fundamental qualities of what it is to be human.  For me, yoga provides the opportunity to harmonise the breath with the body and the mind creating an inner experience that reconnects an individual with their own life force, their prana.  

I have designed this vinyasa flow and yoga nidra practice with the intention to foster this reconnection, and in so doing, invite a state of profound rejuvenation within.  The vinyasa phase will prime your physical body, building internal heat through synchronising the breath with movement, quieting the mind so as to move into the yoga nidra phase in a receptive state to absorb the fruits of this deeply nourishing relaxation.

It is my intention to create a welcoming & compassionate space for each person to have their own unique experience in a loving and safe environment.  It is possible you may reconnect with a deep knowing that yoga, meaning union, is your true nature.  

The class will be followed by a sound bath with Allan Mollins.

About Pam

My yoga journey began in 2006 when I walked into a yoga class in my local gym thinking that it was a gentle stretching class, needless to say I was wrong!  I left the class that day somewhat bewildered at what the teacher had demonstrated, with such ease & grace, movements that I found truly challenging and yet there was something thoroughly enjoyable about the process – something I couldn’t put my finger on.  

Looking back, that day was a major turning point in my life, without realising it I was becoming a lifelong student of yoga.  I continue learning to this day, endlessly intrigued by the many facets this vast science & philosophy offers.  I am grateful to know of the existence of these powerful transformational tools and practices and wish to share them with anyone else curious about how yoga may enhance their life.

I completed my 200 hour vinyasa flow yoga teacher training in 2010 with Mercedes Ngoh.  I have adopted a vinyasa flow style as my teaching style although I enjoy experiencing any style of yoga class as a student – there is always something to learn!

About Allan

Allan has a good-humoured and accepting attitude to both teaching and practice.  He is passionate about sound and uses singing bowls to take his students on blissful sound relaxations at the end of his classes.