Sarah Blackaller

An Ayurvedic Vata Practice – Saturday 29 September 1345-1445hrs

About Sarah

My love for yoga began over twenty years ago when I found myself staying in an ashram, whilst travelling in India. Yoga has been an indispensable part of my life since then and continues to help keep me happy and balanced today. I have recently completed my teacher training with Pink Lotus Yoga, which really helped me to deepen my knowledge and personal practice. My interest in Ayurveda began a few years later when I returned to travel in India and I completed an ayurvedic massage course. I very quickly realised that Ayurveda and yoga together can form an incredible healing tool that can help bring back balance to the body and mind.

About the class

According to Ayurveda, the ancient sister science of yoga,  autumn is the season that increases ‘vata’ causing more air and space in both our external and internal environment.  This imbalance of vata within our own mind and body can result in us feeling ungrounded, anxious, stressed and unable to focus.

Come and join me in practising a vata balancing sequence of postures and pranayama that will help you to slow down and restore the body.  During our practice, I will also share some of the ayurvedic practices and daily rituals that promise to help balance vata and harmonise the mind and body.