Susi McWilliam

Finding Balance – A Chakra Meditation – Saturday 29 September 1500-1600hrs

About Me:

I’m a holistic health coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach and Reiki practitioner. My business Spirit and Soul offers training, coaching and therapies to private and corporate clients. Based in Belhelvie at “The Sanctuary”. This Health, Wellbeing and Creative Space was opened in June this year by my husband and I to provide a much needed space for family’s and individuals to escape the fast pace of modern day life. My business is built using all the tools and techniques I used to overcome my own physical and mental health issues. My goal is to share and empower others to find solutions to their anxiety, stress and ill health using the bodies innate power to heal naturally.

Class Title: Finding Balance, Chakra Meditation

Our chakras are indicators of our overall health, allowing us to be balanced, calm, healthy and vibrant. This class will enable you to tune in and identify any imbalances, then move forward clearing and re-energising. Leaving you feeling relaxed, happy and ready to face the world.